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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Once the decision has been made to undertake the development of a new system or the enhancement to an existing one, then a clear specification of exactly what your organization expects from the project should be drawn up. Comp-U-Max has proven and trusted techniques through the application of gather, specify and manage requirements, liaising closely with all levels of the business that could be impacted by this work. The following is a summary of the procedures we would undertake. 

Identify the stakeholders whose input is necessary for the gathering and specification of requirements. 

Communicate with these stakeholders to elaborate exactly what their requirements are. (This is normally known as the requirements gathering phase). 

Document the requirements. This can take various forms, such a Requirements Matrix, Use Casesor Process Specifications. The method taken would be tailored to suit your organization. Also where appropriate this can be done through the utilization of a CASE tool such as CaseWise. 

Analyze the gathered requirements, determine whether the stated requirements are unclear, incomplete, ambiguous or contradictory, and then resolve those issues. 

We would also look at other external factors or dependencies that may need to be considered when assessing these requirements. E.g. your corporate culture, limitations of existing computer systems, your own customers' requirements, etc. 

We would ensure that the appropriate non-functional requirements are taken in to consideration, (i.e. data quality, security issues). 

Where appropriate we can sometimes build a proto-type of certain aspects of the proposed system/enhancement, (e.g. User Interfaces, Database and/or example reports). This approach can be invaluable in giving key stakeholders a good idea of the 'look & feel' of the proposed solution, in turn allowing them to re-assess their inputs to the requirements specification process. 

We would produce a formal Requirements Specification which will give comprehensive details of what is expected from this work. This specification will be structured in such a way as to be the basis for any potential next phase. We initiate and run a dynamic review process involving the appropriate stakeholders to validate the Requirements Specification.

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Design & development

Comp-U-Max has the expertise and the required mind frame of developing new and promising products from the ground level by identifying the expectations and characteristics of the target market. Uniqueness with matured professional solution is our trade secret, which our customers have experienced at various levels. 

We don't believe in overwhelming the multipurpose project but in complementing the human effort. We employ flawless design and development through the various proven processes and strategic methodologies in place.

Scope of product development
We understand the conceptualisation of the product idea of the client and accordingly design the virtual plan and flowchart of the product and services. We also design ideas and moot line of the blue print of the final product. 

Product design
We help our customers in identifying and chalking the right choice for platform regarding the development of their product. This method is useful for the customers as it helps in the distribution of the products at low investments. The tools used for product design are Rational and UML. Some of the methodologies offered by us for product design are Spiral, Interactive, SDLC and Waterfall. 

Product development
This important stage includes framing the architectural designing of the product. Perceptible and concrete shape is provided to the design ideas. We also interact closely with the client, quality engineers, designers and programmers for maximum benefit. 

Product testing
In order to test the robustness and expediency of the product, we employ technical testing of the product to satisfy our customers. Some of the tests conducted by us are Load test, stress tests, system test, integration test and unit test. 

Product Installation
It includes packaging and installation of the product and services. Our standard methodology for product installation is user friendly and hassle free to reduce complexity and maintenance cost. 

Maintenance support
When our designed product reaches the maturity period with proper experience, we still continue to play a pivotal role in supporting and maintaining it. 

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Quality & Testing

At Comp-U-Max, Quality matters. We never compromise cost with quality .Our methodology expertise and quality assurance is backed with successful compatibility and lasting professional experience with innumerable international clients. We provide our clients with practical and goal oriented solutions to your needs for quality assurance.


Six Sigma Imbibed Processes

Industry knowledge, professional outlook and quality is very important.

Comp-U-Max implements six sigma imbibed methodology for eliminating defects to all the ongoing and new projects. By implementing Six Sigma process, we have achieved the aim of finding not more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in a specific project.

We understand the objective of the Six Sigma methodology evaluating the financial benefits at the earlier stage of SDLC ensures that the cost of improvement will be supported by the benefit of the project.

Our teams of quality experts are responsible and with their experience they understand the requirements of the clients and improve the operational efficiency of the project.

Implementation & Deployment

During this stage we will prepare your site for launch. When will your site go live? Before the launch we will ensure:

  • Continuous & thorough testing will ensure a flawless final site
  • Work directly with your company to ensure technical & usability standards are met.
  • Ensure final project requirements have been met
  • Create a launch date and plan

Now your site is ready for the rest of the world to view. We will submit your site to the appropriate search engines for maximum exposure. Now your ready for the final phase, continued support. 

Maintenance & Updating

Web sites are quite frequently updated to keep them very fresh. In that case we do analysis again, and all the other life cycle steps will repeat. Bug fixes are done during the time of maintenance. Once the web site is operational, ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports, staff training and mentoring done on a regular basis depending on the complexity of the web site and the needs within your organization.